Library Square

Kamloops, BC

Library Square

Library Square, in the Heart of the North Shore, is the first Private-Public Partnership (P3) in the city, combining a 20,000 square foot LEED Gold Public Library with 151 residential units totaling 162,000 square feet and two commercial areas totaling 17,000 square feet. Being the first air-space parcel subdivision in Kamloops allows the Library and the commercial condo strata to operate separately from each other.

Library Square is the first completed six-story residential apartment in BC under the new building code. Led by Tri City Canada Inc., in collaboration with JM Architecture, GHL Consultants Ltd and the Woodworks BC technical team. A variety of wood components were utilized on this project including; dimensional lumber, plywood, TJI’s and engineered beams, cedar trellis materials, 6 story slack jack technology, wood elevator shafts, and a composite 2 hr. firewall.

Construction on this project was completed in phases, phase 1 starting in 2008 and the final phase 3 was completed in 2013.

Client: Thompson-Nicola Regional District
Architect: JM Architecture
Value: 30M
Completed: 2013

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